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District Assessments

For the purpose of monitoring student progress and for promotion and retention purposes, the district requires the following assessments:

  • Foundational Reading Skills Assessments (FRSA) - Grades K-2
  • Math End-of-Course - Grades K-2
  • Reading Benchmarks - Grades K-5
  • Math Facts - Grades K-5

To assess student learning and guide instruction, the following district assessments may be used at the discretion of the school and/or teacher:

  • District Unit Assessments in ELA & Math:

          2017-18 District Assessment Letter                        

  • Math End-of-Course - Grades 9-12
  • SBAC Interim Assessments - Grades 3-8 and High School Assessments
  • Teacher-created Assessments using the Synergy Online Assessment Platform and the INSPECT item bank