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LBUSD Classroom Television

Long Beach Unified School District instructional television programming is provided every school day, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, on two live streamed channels, which are transmitted to all LBUSD schools via Snapstream TV. Snapstream is an intradistrict streaming system available to all school district personnel.

  • Channel 6: Focuses on Elementary Grades
  • Channel 8: Focuses on Elementary Grades, and Special Broadcasts

Instructional series offered by OMS are aligned with the district's content standards with input from curriculum leaders.

These programs are purchased from educational video vendors and are either evaluated by LBUSD staff or have earned high California State Clearinghouse/CLRN ratings.

Special Broadcasts include:

  • Safety...such as mandatory bus safety programs
  • Holidays...such as Martin Luther King Day, patriotic and multicultural holidays
  • Frequently requested instructional titles...such as elementary self-esteem programs

Broadcast schedules and Special Broadcast announcements are available online starting in August of each year.