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About the Common Core State Standards

Teachers, parents, school administrators, and experts across the nation have come together to establish a single set of clear educational standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts and mathematics that states voluntarily adopt. The standards are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter credit bearing entry courses in two or four year college programs or enter the work force.

The three-minute video below explains how the Common Core State Standards will help students achieve at high levels and help them learn what they need to know to get to graduation and beyond.

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Long Beach Unified School District adopted the Common Core State Standards  in 2010. However, assessment testing matched to the CCSS will not begin until the 2014-15 school year.

View the Common Core State Standards FAQ page

What are the Common Core State Standards?

Common Core State Standards

These are the Core standards adopted by 45 states, the District of Columbia, 4 territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity. Downloadable versions of the Common Core State Standards:

Downloadable versions of the Common Core State Standards:

Common Core Standards Adoption

California’s Common Core State Standards

In order to fully adopt the Common Core State Standards, a state must adopt all of the standards in both English Language Arts and Mathematics. States also have the option of adding up to 15% of their own state-determined content on top of the core in either subject. California has chosen to do this, and the most up-to-date versions are listed below.

Accessibility of the Common Core State Standards
  • Application for English Language Learners
    This document highlights important points regarding ensuring that all students are held to the same high expectations in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing to prepare all students to be college and career ready, including English language learners
  • Application to Students with Disabilities
    This document notes key laws to keep in mind that will help ensure that all students are held to the same expectations for high achievement within the Common Core State Standards

Implementation in the Long Beach Unified School District

LBUSD Common Core
Long Beach Unified School District is currently working to implement the CCSS.
  • 2011-12: Building Shared Knowledge and Transitioning
  • 2012-13: Shifting Instructional Practices
  • 2013-14: Implementing Standards
  • 2014-15: Full Implementation

For more information, check out a presentation  given at a recent Superintendent Parent Forum.

View the Powerpoint presentation titled 'Towards a System of Excellence' presented at the board workshop on 8-19-2013. (Large File - 330mb)

View an interactive timeline  of significant milestones to implementation for the state of California.

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