Facility Planning and Management

Facilities - Administration
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(562) 997-7570 Business Services Administrator

(562) 997-7555 Executive Director, Facilities, Development & Planning
Facilities - Administrative Coordinators
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Interim - Administrative Coordinator - Construction

Interim -Administrative Coordinator - Planning
Facilities - Staff
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Project Manager

Project Manager - Construction

Assistant Project Manager
  • Develops and maintains long-range masterplans for the district related to new school construction and new additions to or modernization projects at existing schools.
  • Makes recommendations for the purchase of real estate and/or buildings for use as school sites.
  • Organizes and coordinates new school building planning, design, funding approval, project award and construction. This includes permanent building construction and all portable-building installations.
  • Coordinates the district's use of public buildings for school related purposes.
  • Assists with demographic studies of students and the compiling of demographic profiles for the planning of school building facilities.
  • Meets and confers with other planning agencies and private land developers about site and school building planning.


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Department Address
2425 Webster Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90810

Department Phone
(562) 997-7550
(562) 595-8644  Fax