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Accounting & Fiscal Support

Department Hours:

8:00 AM - 4:40 PM
Monday - Friday

Fiscal Services - Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility...

(562) 997-8126 Executive Director of Fiscal Services

(562) 997-8136 Assistant Director of Fiscal Services

(562) 997-8424 Assistant Director of Fiscal Services

(562) 997-8063 Accounting Manager

Fiscal Services - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 997-8127 Senior Office Assistant

Accounting & Fiscal Support - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 997-8384 Accountant
Grant Accounting/Special Projects, Time Card Codes, ASB/Student Store Billing & A/R, Expense Transfers

(562) 997-8123 Accounting Technician
CDC, Kids Club, Expense Transfers, Cotsen Billing & A/R, Head Start and Sales Tax Reports

(562) 997-8444 Accountant
Facilities, Bond Measures, Measure K Contracts, (construction, consultants, rents/leases), Expense Transfers

(562) 997-8486 Accounting Technician
LBEF Accounting, Billing Agencies, Transportaton Accounting, Central ASB, Buy-Out Processing, Request for Materials, Absent from District, TDR, RS Billing & A/R, Journal Entry

(562 )997-8128 Accounting Technician
General Accounting, Cash Receipts, U.S. Postage, Facility Permits, F&M Bank , Cafeteria Invoice, Fuel Tax Reports, JROTC Reimbursement

(562) 997-8404 Accountant
Cashflow, P-Cards, Saturday School, Journal Entries

(562) 997-8135 Sr. Accounting Assistant Technician
Postage JV, Xerox JV, Duplicating Charges, CSEA/TALB Billing and A/R, Time Card Codes (1), Classified Sub Requests, Expense Transfers, Migrant Ed Billing, Mailing Timesheets

(562) 997-8133 Sr. Accounting Assistant Technician
Time Card Codes, Billing & A/R, VOE, Vendor File System, PCF/Warrant Refund, Journal Entries, Payroll Posting, Mailing Timesheets

(562) 997-8162 Accountant
Contracts (construction, consultants, rents/leases) Comm Events Reimbursement., Supt. Visa, LACOE A/P Uploads, Cancelled/Stale AP, UPS, Scholarships, Ads, Misc Reimbursement

(562) 997-8157 Sr. Accounting Assistant
A-F Vendors, United Airlines, Advance Payments, Fed-Ex, Emergency C#'s, Warrant Register Report, Mileage A-D

(562) 997-8140 Sr. Accounting Assistant
G-O Vendors, I-P Mileage

(562) 997-8372 Intermediate Accounting Assistant
P-Z Vendors, Department of Justice, Warrant Register Report, Mileage E-H

(562) 997-8133 Senior Accounting Assistant
Time Sheets, Employee Verification, Accounting Codes, Journals, Billings, AP Checks

(562) 997-8329 Sr. Accounting Assistant
Non-Public Schools, Xerox, Special Education, RCF, Verizon, Payroll Deductions, Extended School Year Contracts, Millage (U-Z), AP Uploads

(562) 997-8161 Int. Accounting Assistant
X-Z, UPS, Utilities, Scholar, Ads, Mileage (I-L)

(562) 997-8360 Fiscal Analyst
School Site Budgets, ASB Accounting, Systems Security

(562) 997-8365 Fiscal Analyst
School Site Budgets, P-Cards, Title I

(562) 997-8225 Fiscal Analyst
School Site Budgets, Measure K, Head Start, CDC

(562) 997-8367 Fiscal Analyst
School Site Budgets, Lottery, OCIDP, Position Control

(562) 997-8188 Fiscal Analyst
School Site Budgets, Long Beach Education Foundation

(562) 997-8134 Fiscal Analyst
School Site Budgets, Special Education

(562) 997-8389 Fiscal Analyst
School Site Budgets, LCFF

(562) 997-8121 Attendance Accounting Specialist
Attendance Reporting